Ray-Ban not only exceeds its expectation but also, breaks the wall when it comes to design. In spite of its numerous design, the well-known sunglasses brand has allowed its avid customers to design their own eyewear. Not that they run out of ideas but this is their way of letting customers show their own design. Some of the popular designs are being featured on their website.

Designing your own sunglasses is like counting numbers using your fingers or even reciting the alphabet. It is not that complicated at all. With simple steps, you can already have your customized sunglasses. Of course, you can claim that it is specially designed by you.

Here’s how to create your very own Ray-Ban sunglasses:

  1. Choose from four Ray-Ban Collection

Ray-Ban has four different collections and each collection has variants. The four collections are Icons, Highstreet, Tech, and Junior. Icons collection has nice variants that you can choose from. While Highstreet has five, Tech has two, and Junior has four. All you have to do is tick which style you would like. Example, Original Wayfarer.

  1. Choose from the different lenses

Ray-Ban offers four different kinds of lenses: Classic, Gradient, Mirrored and flash, and Polarized. Simply choose which kind and the color to proceed to the next step. Example: Green Polarized.

  1. Choose the frame and temple tips

Each collection has different frames and material. For Original Wayfarer, there are three different  materials used: Tortoise, Gloss, and Matte. At this stage, you may also choose the color of your frames. You may select colors for front and temple frames. You have it mixed. Example: Matte, blue front, black temple. Or, Matte, black fron,t and temple.

  1. Choose the size

Standard size which 50-22 is the most popular but to make sure, check your size. Large size is 54 - 18.

  1. Choose the engraving

This is the coolest part. Ray-Ban not only allows you to design your own sunglasses but it also allows you to engraved in your personalized sunglasses. Choose where you want it places, font style and what you want to be engraved.

  1. Choose the case

Ray-Ban has two different cases: Standard that has three colors (brown, red, black), and Ray-Ban Shades Shell Ltd. Edition that has five colors (rugged leather, light brown, chocolate brown, beige, ivory). You can also engrave something on it. Perhaps, your name?

  1. Choose the packaging

Ray-Ban carefully wrapped it and ship for free.

Create your own sunglasses now and join the Ray-Ban club. Create your own Ray-Ban is available online on their website. Try it now and have fun designing your own sunglasses.

Photos were taken from Ray-Ban website.