Like any other accessories, sunglasses are the most practical and useful. Not only that it gives you the “Oh wow” from “meh”, it protects your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses do make you look sharp, but you need to consider which type to wear in certain occasion. If you are running a marathon, going on a hiking trip or cycling, definitely you are expected to wear sports sunglasses such Oakley. But if you are attending a wedding, meeting a client or business trip, you have ditched your Oakley.

If you are uncertain and do not have time to try all the sunglasses, here are the best sunglasses to wear with a suit:

Ray-Ban Aviator

It is always safe to stay simple. Ray-Ban aviators have the style and elegance. Although it comes in different colors, it is recommended to choose the dark shades when you are in your best-tailored suit.

Dolce & Gabbana DG 6086

This rectangular-shaped, grey lenses sunglasses will not only keep you from frowning when the sun is up and shining so bright but it will make you look sophisticated and a man with importance.

Gucci Rectangular Frame - Style 411842

It has a black injected frame with dark grey shaded lenses. Gucci is good at anticipating the needs of their customers and always makes sure that they are staying ahead of fashion. These sunglasses are sophisticated. It is best to wear when you are attending a wedding or any special events.

Versace Medusa Rock Icons Black

These squared sunglasses have black wide temples with dark grey lenses. Versace meticulously puts Medusa Head and golden ring accents on its temples, making these sunglasses very sophisticated, and indeed, eye-catching.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Simple yet it has its own way to stay ahead in all of the sunglasses. Whether you are attending a funeral, wedding, commuting to the office or meeting, Ray-Ban wayfarers will never let you down. It is always the best choice of all the types of sunglasses even though it has been around for over half a century.

If you have noticed, sunglasses with simple and classic design are best when you are in your custom designed suit. Aside from knowing the shape of your face before sunglasses, it is also very smart if you can ask someone’s opinion. Before leaving your house, check yourself in the mirror. Put the right attitude before heading to wherever you are going. Now, you are ready. Get the right sunglasses for you and close that deal!