Mirrored sunglasses has a reflective optical coating to its lenses also known as a mirror or flash coating. According to Wikipedia that it reduces the lights going through the lenses from 10 - 60 percent. Normally, you will see brown or grey tint when wearing mirrored sunglasses. However, the mirror’s color depends on the structure and the layer of the coating.

In the United States, it is called cop shades. There are two popular kinds of mirrored sunglasses: metal frames and wraparounds. Metal frames are often mixed-up with aviators, while wraparounds, nowadays, have been used by extreme sports athletes because of its durability, lightness, and comfortability. Not only that, it drastically decrease the lights reflected from the water, snow and other liquids. Making this kind of sunglasses a favorite to fishermen, surfers, and other water-related activities or hobbies. These days, a lot of popular brands are now producing mirrored sunglasses.

Here are the top most popular mirrored sunglasses:

Ray-Ban Rimless Mirror Iridescent Aviator Sunglasses

With the brand famous for its aviators, Ray-Ban stepped up to create a very flashy and bold sunglasses that will make you keep taking selfies, Instagram-worthy. It is available in two lively colors: brown/pink and blue/green.

Dolce & Gabbana Semi Rimless Sunglasses

Defeating all the odds, these rimless sunglasses are very stunning and modern. Available in three adorable colors: grey, black and blue. Completed with the dazzling logo on the temple, these sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana will always want to be under the sun and take a lot of photos.

Prada Retro Sunglasses

With its angular frames and double brow bar, these Italian-made sunglasses are definitely one of the best mirrored sunglasses. It has metallic lenses that liven up the vibes when at the party or even just having a cold drink at the beach.

Oakley Moonlighter

Often seen worn by surfers and those who enjoy the ocean. It looks so lively and retro at the same time. The wearer will definitely look younger with these sunglasses. It features Oakley’s patented hydrophilic Unobtanium nose pads to ensure a snug and secure fit.

Tom Ford ‘Fany’ Sunglasses

Simple yet sexy! These Italian-made sunglasses are of acetate frames and metal rims. The classic curvy design makes these sunglasses stand out from others. You can crash a party with these sunglasses and not be thrown away.

Mirrored sunglasses these days are not only for cops and sports. Major and popular brands have been manufacturing it because of its demand and usability. Not only that it is very stylish but also it cuts down the light tremendously giving the wearer a better vision.