Aged by experience, Dolce & Gabbana does not have to prove themselves. With its strong foundation and inspiration that traveled back from its humble origin, D&G remains the icon when it comes to style, fashion, and values. With its Italian craftsmanship, only D&G can give their avid customer glamor that is full of happiness and satisfaction.

D&G continuously steps ahead in style and fashion. Their designs are undeniably impeccable that everyone has to wear them. Their sunglasses collection most especially have been worn by famous celebrities, entrepreneurs, and politicians. D&G designs are very varied. You might be amazed by how simple and elegant they are. Yet, then can also be very bold and flattering.

Here are Dolce & Gabbana spring collection for men:

  1. Capsule Collection

Charm the day away with this geometric, acetate made sunglasses by D&G. Simple yet mysterious and enticing. Capsule Collection is for men who do not care much how they look. They are confident and bold. It comes in four different exciting colors: Black birds, Red birds, White Birds, Blue Transparent Azure and Havana Yellow. Except for Havana Yellow that has a brown lens, it has grey lens.

  1. Less is Chic

Minimalist design is the new trend. This is exactly what D&G Less is Chic collection all about. The slender frame is geometric in shape made from top quality, acetate. Light and durable. It comes in five neutral colors. Sunglasses for men who would like to stay on the ground but know their style and taste.

  1. Griffe Collection

Aviator has been one of the favorites in sunglasses. D&G has revolutionized and you will never look at aviator as the most typical sunglasses. Griffe collection is the new aviator. The angled lens distinguishes it from others. It also has a double bridge and flat temple where the Dolce&Gabbana logo is carved. With its polarized lens, surely your eyes are well protected and you can walk all day with glam and style.

  1. DG 2140

D&G is not only for fashionable men but also, for those who would like to get down and dirty. DG 2140 has a geometric design that is sporty and charming. Available in three different colors, ruthenium blue with grey lens, ruthenium black with grey shaded polarized lens and black with grey lens.

  1. DG 2168

Round, classic and handsome. D&G 2168 is made of special metal. It comes in three lovely colors: gold with grey mirrored lens, silver with brown bronze mirrored lens and ruthenium with UVA/UVB transparent protection lens. Travel back in time while staying ahead in fashion.

Keep updated and always stay on track with fashion by choosing the right sunglasses. D&G offers both the timeless design and breaks every barrier when it comes to fashion. It always leaves a mark and impression in every wearer.