We all have our favorite celebrities and would love to have the clothes or accessories that they are wearing. Sometimes we can not help but buy it so long that we can afford. If you are preparing for a party or some event, we often find ourselves browsing around the Internet unknowingly that we are letting our favorite celebrity decide what to wear. There is nothing wrong about that. Everyone has their own inspiration. For many, it is their favorite celebrity.

According to People website, here is what celebs love to wear:

Futuristic, Star Trek-inspired shades for Dior by Rihanna. It has wide temple frames and mirrored lenses. Alternatively, you can wear Ray-Ban mirrored shield sunglasses for lesser price.

Olivia Wilde prefers the simpler 70s style mirrored aviator sunglasses of Linda Farrow. She was seen with this rose gold-plated sunglasses. Looks lovely on her! On the other hand, the two lovely women, Noami Watts and Jessica Chastain, love wearing the oversized square sunglasses of Marc Jacobs. These sunglasses will not be available in stores until January 2017.

Have you seen a pair of sunglasses that features two classic designs, aviators, and wayfarers? Karlie Kloss just has the answer to that question. She has been spotted wearing Linda Farrow gold mirrored sunglasses. These sunglasses are indeed very pretty and stunning. But for Blake Lively, the pearl-embellished Chanel sunnies are love. On her Instagram post, she captioned that she needs the glasses and earrings. She certainly looks very beautiful without even wearing those but it indeed gives her a big plus.

The High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, prefers the oversized cat eye sunglasses of Fendi. It has a metal-tipped style that makes her look more musically ferocious. While Gucci’s embellished cat eye sunglasses found the pretty face of Sienna Miller. With a very relaxed street style, Miller looks so adorable. While Gigi Hadid tried to dodge the paparazzi with the thick square frames by Karen Walker classics. Although, they are very chunky looking but Hadid rock like a star because she is.

Now, you know what are the famous celebrities are wearing. Time to go shopping and find those sunglasses. It will sure look great on you too if it does to them. Remember the important rules in buying sunglasses, though. Always know the shape of your face and wear the opposite. If you have a round-shaped face, wear something square or rectangular framed glasses and vice versa. If your small face, oversized sunglasses are not good for you. Pretty sure you will find the right sunglasses for you.