Many would perhaps not understand why a lot of people patronage these brands because they are what they call insanely pricey. Yes, they are very trendy. One could argue that wearing sunglasses has only one purpose and that is to protect the eyes from the sun. Why is there a need to wear expensive sunglasses? You might have heard someone saying: Well, you are paying for the brand, not the product itself.

That being said these top sunglasses brands are reasonably pricey because they are meticulously created to give each wearer the satisfaction, convenience, design and style that is worth the money. These brands have invested their time and resources. Created an exclusive research team and make use of the modern technology to put altogether a pair of sunglasses that everyone would like to have. There is no doubt why they stay in business, and quite a lot of notable people have seen sporting these brands.

Here are the top three sunglasses brands:

Dolce & Gabbana

With its experience in the fashion industry for over three decades, there is no doubt that Dolce & Gabbana is well loved by celebrities, politicians and fashionista alike. Although their sunglasses products came in later around 2006, but sure is not late when it comes to the technology, design, and style.

In fact, D&G has been partnered with famous stars such as Madonna to co-design their sunglasses in February 2010, according to Wikipedia. Wearing these glasses do not only make you feel like a star but also will make you have more confidence. Not because you are wearing expensive sunglasses but knowing that you are wearing a well-designed eyewear makes your eyes protected from the sun.


Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, Gucci is now famous not only for their leather good but the fashion in general. According to Interbrand, Gucci is one of the “Top Global 100 Brands”. It stepped up and secured the 41st place.

Working with experts in the industry, Gucci has always delivered the best eyewear ever. A lot have tried to replicate it  but failed. It is because Gucci stays ahead in terms of the design, style, satisfaction and of course, fashion.


This Italian fashion brand has been around long before you were born. It is popular for leather handbags, shoes, travel accessories, ready-to-wear items, perfumes and other fashion accessories including eyewear.

Sometime in 1999, partnered with the De Rigo group, Prada eyewear was introduced. Not so long, together with LVMH, Prada acquired the Rome-based Fendi S.p.A. With the series of acquisitions almost happened at the same year, Prada positioned itself as one of the best brands in fashion industry.

With all the resources, the company has a group of scientist and designers to create the best eyewear in the world. Not only that it is fashionable but also uses the latest technology to ensure that your eyes are well-protected from the sun. Undeniably, that you are wearing the most innovative and stylish sunglasses one could ever have.

Clever people do not pay for the brand but they pay what is worth of their money. These brands guarantee durability and quality without compromising its style and design. Thus, keeping you ahead of fashion. Buying sunglasses from these brands means you are not only protecting your eyes from the sun but also, your pocket from buying a lot of eyewear which in fact, you only need a pair from either of the brands mentioned above.