Winter is coming and you are ready to get away from the cold weather. You are packed. Passport, plane tickets, cash and credit cards are securely stashed in your body bag. You are on your way to the tropical country where every day is sunny. You have booked a room at the beach because you wish to be a certified scuba diver.

To save a little, you thought of not bringing a lot of clothes so you only have one luggage. No check in luggage! Other necessities will be bought in the country of destination. Like, sun protection and after sun lotion, toiletries which are most likely will be provided by the hotel or resort, and of course, deodorant. Have you forgotten something? Definitely, yes!

You are going to a tropical country where the sun is thrice as bright. Which means that not only that you need cap or hat, you also need sunglasses.

Here are the highly recommended sunglasses for traveling:

Carrera Hot Aviator

Reasonably priced which is really very affordable. It is made of metal that makes this sunglasses really very durable. Although it looks thicker than the usual aviator, but it shows class and elegance. Which means that you can wear it while chilling at the beach, or you might have an instant party invitation, this aviator sunglasses will definitely make you an instant celebrity.


Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarer

With its innovative and modern looking wayfarer, these sunglasses must be in your pack. Wayfarers are the most flexible type of sunglasses in spite that it has been designed long before you were born. Everyone loves to sport wayfarer whether they are at the beach or running for a meeting. Highly recommended when you are going on a trip. Who knows you will bump into someone important.

Oakley Whisker

If you prefer to have rimless sunglasses but do not want to risk being broken during the trip, Oakley Whisker is the best choice for you. It has thin frames that are actually very flexible and does not break easily. It is not rimless but since it is very thin, it as if the rim does not exist. The nose pads are adjustable making it very comfortable to wear. It looks sporty and formal at the same time.

Ray-Ban 4075

It is small but fits perfectly to almost any face shapes. Since is made of good quality plastic, it is very light and durable. Ray-Ban will continuously innovate and use the latest technology to exceed their customer's’ expectations and making them satisfied with their sunglasses. Ray-Ban 4075 is just one of its beautiful and reliable sunglasses.

Don’t forget to pack one of the sunglasses listed above to keep your eyes safe from the sun so you will enjoy your vacation. By the way, it is perfectly okay to wear these sunglasses even if you are not at the beach. So now that you are ready, you have a safe trip and have fun!