Inspired by their prestigious clothing design. Gucci created sunglasses that can easily blend in with whatever you have decided to wear. With their almost a century of experience, walking in Gucci’s boutique or browsing around their products online would definitely make you awe and be fascinated with their adorable designs.

Choosing what kind of accessory to wear can be very tedious. Considering the color, texture, design and a lot more. For meticulous women, who know what they want, there is the only brand that you can rely on, Gucci.

The most common face shape is round or oblong. Although it is popular, searching for the right sunglasses is not as easy as eating a cake. Just like choosing a cake, you need to think of the flavor, sweetness, ingredients and presentation.

Here are the best square sunglasses of Gucci:

  1. GG 3863 / S - Oversize Square Frame Sunglasses

Very pretty crystal acetate frame with black / pink / red  laser etched design with Gucci logo engraved on the temples. The gradient grey or black lenses fit perfectly well to make this sunglasses even more stunning.

  1. GG 3861 / S - Oversize Square-Frame Rhinestone Sunglasses

Adorned with gold rhinestone details with tortoiseshell / grey / black acetate frame. It has gradient brown or grey lenses and the interlocking GG is embedded on the temple. This sunglasses will really make you noticeable.

  1. GG 3814 / S - Square-frame Optyl Sunglasses

It is simple and beautiful that comes in four different colors: black, glitter brown pink, dark tortoiseshell, and glitter grey. It has either gradient grey or brown lenses that fully protect your eyes from UVA/UVB.

  1. GG 3843 / S - Oversize Square-frame Sunglasses

With the gold engraved interlocking GG carefully placed on its temple, this sunglasses is hard not to be noticed. It loud yet stays on the ground. It comes in three styles: red mother of pearl, black, and dark tortoiseshell. The brown or grey shaded lens gives the additional beauty of this eyewear.

  1. GG 3508 / S - Square Sunglasses with Bamboo Effect

Love the tropics? Grab a pair of this sunglasses because it will make you feel like you are at the beach sipping a cold tropical drink. Available in brown, grey or black horn plastic frame with brown shaded lenses. If you miss the nice and warm weather of the Caribbean, wear this sunglasses of Gucci and it will instantly make you feel at home.

  1. GG 3685 / S - Specialized Fit Bamboo Sunglasses

This elegant black tortoiseshell bio-injected sunglasses of Gucci is one of a kind. It has class and style. Adding to its comfort, they raised the nose bridge and completely protects your eyes from the sun. Available in one style.

  1. GG 3826 / S - Oversize Square-frame Sunglasses

Available in light tortoiseshell or black optyl with light yellow lenses, you will never be left behind and easily be identified with this eyewear. Be bold and get comfortable. Own this sunglasses now.

Gucci has never run out of style. With their reputation, you definitely rely on them when it comes to fashion, durability and quality. Square-shaped sunglasses are best worn with heart or circular shape faces. There is nothing to worry now what to wear on your next road-trip or event, grab one of Gucci’s square sunglasses now.