Dreaming of summer, which can be months away depending on where in the hemisphere you are living. However, you must not forget that sunglasses can also be useful during the winter because the snow reflects three times brighter than at the beach. Regardless, whatever people call it these days, will it be sunglasses, shades, or sunnies, almost every individual these days own a pair or two of sunglasses - whether is for fashion or to protect our precious eyes from the sun. Rounding some men to know their most favored sunglasses. For sure, these glasses can definitely turn someone’s head.

There are a lot of brands that made its name in the market. Admittedly, most of them have genuinely put together all their resources just to create this particular design and style that fit the demand. They all come in different frame shapes and colors. The lenses have various shades, and first class, modern look. Selecting which sunglasses really fit for your man or for yourself can be so overwhelming, so here we go, the most favored sunglasses by men. These stylish sunglasses are classic and indeed, very comfortable. Not only you can flash it while sipping your favorite cold drink on the beach, but also when you are on the run for a meeting. Or simply cruising around on the weekend with good old music.

1.    Dockers Wayfarer Sunglasses

All-year-rounder style, these blackened shades is all time favorite. It will make you feel like at the beach enjoying a glass of cold beer. Hundred percent UVA/UVB protective lenses that can protect your eyes, anytime you put it on.

2.    Traveler by TOMS

Compared to the traditional Wayfarer, Traveler by TOMS is compact with it’s Dalston matte black. With its trademark rubberized, easily bent material - Solaflex. Specially designed to be durable, can withstand high-impact, and 100% UVA and UVB protected. It also sports with polycarbonate lenses.

3.    Oakley Sliver Prizm

A Prizm is a technology for lenses that know how to adapt a vision according to the range of things and environment to maximize the contrast and sharpness. Oakley Sliver just so happened to be equipped with this technology. To close the deal, it also has Plutonite lenses that filter 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC, and a stress-resistant frame.

4.    Ray Ban Round

Who does not know John Lennon? These Ray Ban round frames, whether gold or silver does not fail to give you classic and stylish look. It can come with prescription-ready, if in case, you need to have them without compromising your sense of fashion.

5.    Ray Ban Polarized Aviators

Of course, aviator! Some men found it difficult to pull it off, but the trick there is simply wearing these Ray Ban Aviator with confidence. It has lightweight black wire frames, and smoky lenses that are polarized to reduce as much it can the glare, and with adjustable nose pads.