Wearing a pair of eye wear can give someone an identity and displays their persona just like wearing their favorite perfume. Long ago, people only wear glasses whether be for reading or to protect their eyes from the sun when it is a must. The big difference now is that there are a lot of varieties to choose from. Very often there will be new design coming out, with the help of social media, TV, and other forms of advertisement, sunglasses is now one of the favorite fashion accessories.

These days, people do not only wear sunglasses or eyeglasses because it is necessary, but it is cool and fashionable. Women, for example, would like to wear something that compliments their clothes or color of their hair. Of course, most brands did not forget that wearing them is primarily to protect our beautiful eyes from the sun; thus, coating it with UV protection. So, what are the most favored sunglasses by women these days?

1.     Ray Ban

Quite a lot of famous public figures are wearing them making Ray Ban an easy pick for women, especially those who would like to be constantly up to date in trends and fashion. They seem to look simple but bold.

2.    Tiffany & Co

Not only that they are known for their exquisite jewelry, but also for their sunglasses. Tiffany & Co really know that each of their product will be loved by most women in all ages. It gives confidences with a style, and with a combination of vibrant colors and black tones.

3.    Suncloud

A small brand, but it caught the attention of the female Fashionista. The most captivating about them is that they are not pricey. The well-made and pretty stylish Aviator of Suncloud is the most popular. Made of metal and with polycarbonate lens - surely is a good buy. Not only that, it comes with polarized and filters 100% UV rays.

4.    Maui Jim

Because women love them, but they are rare to find. Not because they are pricey, but they are scarce. Thus, women look at it as an exclusive sunglasses. Maui Jim is best worn at the beach with its stylish frame. They are made of polycarbonate with a UV protection. It is also scratch resistant and polarized.

5.    Oakley

Famous for its sporty eyewear, it gives women a more energetic and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Or, just simply jogging. With its ultra-durable polycarbonate frame and comes in different colors and sizes, Oakley for sure, in no doubt an easy pick for active women. Although they are a bit pricey, but with its quality and craftsmanship, it is still a good deal.