You might have heard or even watched the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. This famous brand has long been in the fashion industry long before that movie was released. So, no, it is not because of the movie that everyone is raving to have Prada.

Prada sunglasses are favored by a lot of celebrities because of eccentric design. They always foresee the future, set the trend and before you know it - Prada has already positioned itself. Staying ahead in fashion is one of Prada’s mantra from luxurious styles to classic models. They offer a wide range of collection for everyone’s enjoyment and fascination.

Here are Prada sunglasses that you can wear no matter what’s the season:

Prada Cinema SPR 51SS

It has mirrored round lenses for women. These Prada round sunglasses is very elegant and modern. It has collection has eight different colors but the most loved are the dark havana pale gold frames with grey rose gold mirror lenses.

Prada Cinema Evolution SPR 53SS

These Prada cat eye sunglasses are made from lightweight metal. Either you are running to get some groceries or meeting someone for business, these sunglasses will never put you down. Simple cat eye sunglasses but it is beautiful in its own way. Prada created five different colors, and the most loved is the grey shaded frames with dark grey lenses.

Prada SPR 59SS

With its geometric shape, these Prada sunglasses are great for active women. Or, to those who love hanging out at the beach. Who said that you can’t be fashionable while you spending so much time outside? It has four different colors, and the most loved is the ivory frames with grey shaded lenses.

Prada SPR 68OS

It is for the bold and loud. These Prada cat eye sunglasses will make stand out in the crowd. They look really very elegant and eccentric. It is available only in single color: tortoise silver frames with brown shaded lenses. These sunglasses is also available for prescription.

Prada Mod Evolution SPR 53TS

If you are planning to attend a party, these sunglasses can give you the attention and attitude. Prada Mod Evolution sunglasses is very sophisticated and at the same time, classic. They are available in five different colors, and the most loved is the rose havana frames with grey lenses.

Prada SPR 06TS

Simple, humble and charming are the words perfect to describe these sunglasses. For men, who do not have to exert so much effort to impress someone or those who do not know how to get someone’s attention, Prada SPR round sunglasses are for you. They are available in five different colors, and the most loved is the green frames with green silver mirror lenses.

Now, you know what to buy as a gift for yourself or someone else. Pretty sure, you will be delighted with your purchase. It is Prada! They never fail to satisfy their customers.