Known for its luxurious and glamorous designs, Versace has been the favorite by celebrities, politicians and fashion geeks. According to, Zayn Malik, Prince, Michelle Obama, and Tupac have in common is that they love Versace. Who does not?

Versace was founded in 1978 by the late Gianni Versace with ready-to-wear items and leather goods as the main products. Later, fashion accessories including eyewear were added to the sophisticated product lines of Versace.

Their distinctive eyewear is so much different compared to other brands. They have softer styles that make it look simple yet elegant. Most of the Versace’s eyewear are made in much better quality plastic with solid colors and light metals. All of their eyewear are well studied and meticulously designed making their eyewear sought by a lot of important people in the world.

For you not to be left behind, check out the hottest Versace sunglasses:

Versace VE 2161

Geometrical that is best for women who has well-defined angles. It is made of very lightweight metal frames. Available in two different colors: silver frames with grey shaded lenses and gold frames with dark grey lenses. This design is also available in mirrored lenses: gold frames with grey silver mirrored lenses and gold frames with brown gold mirrored lenses. Perfect for women who loves to stay outdoor and active.

Metal Mesh VE 2175

One of the latest designs of Versace sunglasses. The simplicity is making these sunglasses even more appealing and elegant. It is made of good quality metal with the Versace logo on the temple. Best for reserved women but would like to have an impression that she is in control. It is available in four different colors and mirrored lenses.

Versace VE 4330

Simple rounded sunglasses for women who are a modern lifestyle but at the same time staying on the ground and their roots. Classic and elegant are the words that best describe these sunglasses. It is made of propionate material which is very lightweight and robust. Available in five different colors and mirrored lenses.

Versace VE 4331

An oversized geometric sunglasses by Versace is for fashionable women who knows what they want and do whatever it takes to get it. The design is bold and straightforward that will definitely show the personality of the wearer. It is made of acetate with four different colors available. Also, it is prescription ready.

Versace VE 4314

With a playful design, these cat eye sunglasses by Versace are great for young women who always have the thirst for adventure and challenges. It is made of acetate which is really very light so it does not add weight whenever you are out and about. Available in four beautiful colors and prescription ready.

Wherever you are going and whatever you are planning to do, Versace has the sunglasses for you to keep your eyes protected and at the same maintaining the beauty in you. Versace, indeed, knows their customers and how to please them.