Dolce & Gabbana’s sunglasses collection are subtle with a touch of vintage and retro. To celebrate masculinity, D&G designs are sublime that every man in the world would surely love. It is distinctive and recognizable, but it stays humble and charming. With its logo discreetly placed in the temple, it adds an additional aesthetic to the design.

D&G has been designing since 1980. After two years, they opened their first design consulting studio in Milan. It dramatically went up the ladder that prompted them to launched their first women’s collection in 1985. They do not limit themselves. In fact, they have partnered with various sports teams such as AC Milan and Chelsea Football Club. It also partnered with Motorola in 2006. And in 2010, D&G partnered with Martini to produce a “gold edition” vermouth, according to Wikipedia. They clearly have the experience and knowledge to know what every man on earth wants for himself.

Here are the special seasonal collection sunglasses of Dolce & Gabbana for men:

  1. Rubber Skin Collection

It is known for its extremely economical, comfort, minimal and flexible design. It has a matte, rubber skin that makes this collection even more distinct. This collection has three different designs with various styles.

Rubber Skin DG 2145 is a square-shaped sunglasses that can be compared to wayfarer only that D&G uses stainless steel metal core to make it very durable. It comes in four classic colors. Lenses are either polarized or mirrored. Rubber fabric is used for the case.

Rubber Skin DG 2146 is an aviator sunglasses with a double bridged frame. To make it very durable, D&G used a stainless steel covered with rubberized skins. It looks so modern with a classic touch. Frame colors are well-combined with its lenses. Available in four colors.

Rubber Skin DG 1271 is a rectangular-shaped glasses with stainless steel that is completely covered with rubber skin. It is amazingly robust. D&G understands classic style combining it with modern design. It is available in four subtle colors.

  1. Gold Collection

Gold represents wealth and purity. It is the protagonist in D&G Gold Edition collection. The design, shape, and style are boundless and iconic. The frames are covered with 18-carat gold. It shows abundance, beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

DG 2073K is an 18-carat gold plated metal aviator sunglasses. The edge or the 45-degree cut what makes D&G unique. The gold plated mirrored lenses complete this very handsome sunglasses.

DG 2133K has temples that are made of basalt, an exclusive material for D&G. It gives a flashy finish. It is the result of the extensive research and advanced technology. This aviator or D&G prefers to call it ‘pilot sunglasses’ has the 45-degree cut to make it even more distinguishable.

  1. Basalto Collection

Sicily has been one of the inspirations of D&G. Basalt is a material that recollects the black volcanic rocks of Mt. Etna. It is light, strong and flexible. Under this collection, D&G has successfully delivered five sunglasses.

DG 4241 is a Basalto sunglasses with square-shaped frames with its iconic black front frame. It has a double bridge front with temples that are made from Basalt. Rough finish recalls the volcanic rock. Available in five colors that are equally attractive.

DG 4210 is a square-shaped sunglasses that is made of acetate, while the temples are made of Basalt. It is very light, durable and incredibly unique - a result of careful research and innovation.

  1. Domenico&Stefano Collection

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana expressed themselves by designing their very own sunglasses engraved with their own names on the temple as a personal signature.

Domenico DG 4177 is a square-shaped, honey-colored acetate with an outstanding elegance that is inspired way back in 60’s style. It has grey lenses and Dominico’s signature inside the temple completes this amazing sunglasses.

Stefano DG 4178 is a classic and iconic 45-degree lenses. It comes in four different colors with Stefano’s engraved signature inside the temple.

Dolce & Gabbana has all the resources. In spite of their success, they have never forgotten their inspiration by traveling back in time. With the help of research and high-technology, D&G is able to deliver a high-quality sunglasses both for design and durability.