Ray-Ban’s mission is to give its customers the style, tradition, and freedom to express themselves. For almost a century now, Ray-Ban remains always at the top and leading the eyewear brands. Whether you are looking for sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses, it always has something incredible for you. Quality and authenticity have never been compromised; it remains always as their top priority.


To fast forward and to get ready for spring break, we are bringing you the best Ray-Ban Spring Collection: (By the way, you can also wear this in winter.)

  1. Hexagonal Metal RB 3548N

Classic and stylish that fit for everyone. These unisex sunglasses comes in five beautiful spring colors: blue, gold, silver, pink and brown pink lenses. Its shape is geometrical making it unique. It is made of metal and has mirrored lenses.

  1. Oval Metal RB 3547N

Mirrored round lens sunglasses that is available is five spring colors: silver, gold, brown pink, crystal grey-green and light blue. These sunglasses are unisex and perfect for a rectangular-shaped face. Walk-in your spring break party at the beach and you will never leave that party unnoticed.

  1. Aviator Large Metal RB 3025

As one of the proud wearer said that she loves the clarity, quality, and the design is top-notch. Available in more than 40 flattering colors; you will never run out of options. Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses is always the top favorite among its collection. It can be worn by both man and woman with mirrored lenses.

  1. Erika RB 4171

Lovely sunglasses with slender frames and available in 11 earthly colors. Depending on your color, the lenses can be polarized, photochromic or mirrored lenses. Either way, they are very elegant yet simple. Keep you down-to-earth yet straightforward.

  1. Chris RB 4187

Geometric in shape that is good for round or oblong-shaped face. The frame is made from propionate material which is very lightweight. Lenses are available in polarized, photochromic and mirrored depending on your color choices.

  1. New Wayfarer RB 2132

Available in 36 colors, this Ray-Ban’s New Wayfarer is very robust and never run out of style. This is the most flexible sunglasses ever designed. You can wear in any occasion. It builds your confidence and indeed, a fashion statement. Lenses are available in polarized, photochromic and mirrored.

  1. RB 3550

Great for those who would like to have sporty look and at the same time staying in style. RB 3550 has rectangular frame available in seven colors. The lenses are polarized and mirrored with fantastic clarity and vision. Whether you are going on a hike, fishing or crashing someone’s party, this sunglasses will never disappoint.

  1. Round Fleck RB 2447N

The newest and the most demanding design in Ray-Ban’s collection. This round frame sunglasses for men has shiny transparent lenses available in three elegant colors: brown frames with crystal grey silver mirror shaded, transparent grey frames with crystal grey-blue mirror shaded and transparent blue frames with crystal grey copper mirror shaded. You will never go wrong with this glasses. No wonder it is the fast moving sunglasses among the Ray-Ban collection.

  1. RB 8057

Minimalist and very futuristic design, this sunglasses will definitely make you look an important person. Made from top quality metal, titanium. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Available in four sophisticated colors.

  1. RB 4191

For the ladies who are always up-to-date in style and fashion, RB 4191 is just perfect for you. It is only available in single color, transparent rose frames with dark brown shaded lenses. These oversized round sunglasses is made for women who know exactly what they want. Bold and simple.

Ray-Ban continuously innovates and create a magnificent design with top quality sunglasses. As their mission is to deliver an eyewear that will make their customers express themselves freely. When it comes to eyewear, there is the only brand: Ray-Ban.