Have not decided which sports sunglasses to buy yet? You might have done your research online or might have visited a lot of actual shops, but have not seen that particular sunglasses. What kind of sports are you playing? Or course, the budget. We narrowed down the best sports sunglasses into six so it will be easier for you to choose which eye wear for you.

1.    Nike Impel

These lightweight sunglasses have adjustable nose pads that made it very ideal for any sports like running and cycling. It also has wide lenses that cover your eyes, hence, it will not hinder your peripheral vision. Not only that they are very durable, it also does not hurt your ears because of its lightness.

2.    Oakley M2

It comes in different lens colors and is very light. It has wide lenses which give a great vision. Polarized Iridium and 100 percent UV protection coating - great eye defense especially during summer. It also has nice nose pads and arm grips that do not slide down through your face - recommended for running, cycling and other sports activities.

3.    Adidas Raylor

Ideal for any kinds of sports activities. These sunglasses are scratch and impact resistant. It is equipped with polycarbonate vision, and QuickChange lenses - that changes according to the weather. The Double-Snap nose pads give securely sit - thus, giving extra protection. It is lightweight and has UV protection.

4.    Puma Flame

Very fashionable sports sunglasses that can also be worn in regular sunny days. It fits well in any sports activities, and comes with polarized lenses. It has composite frame and lenses.

5.    Oakley Radarlock

Favorited by a lot of athletes, these sunglasses fit in most, if not all of the outdoor activities, and sports. The best feature is the interchangeable lens that comfortably adapts according to the weather and light. Not only, that is impact resistant, but also polarized and light weight.

6.    Adidas Tycane Pro

Although non-polarized, but it has 100 percent UV protection. The lenses are polycarbonate, with wrap-around protection, and the best part is that it has a Climacool ventilation system. The lenses are also prescription ready. It fits well if you are wearing a cap or helmet. It has strap fixation. The foam pad and soft fleece are removable. It suits for any sports, but ideal for watersports because it is hyperphobic, when means they repel water so you have clean vision.

Have you decided which sunglasses for you? Remember, when you buy a new pair glasses, always consider the kind of activity or sports that you are playing. Although, there are a lot of sunglasses available in the market these days, and they are equally great. But there are those that really stand out and worth every penny. Lastly, do not put your eyes at risk when going out whether to play sports or just a regular day without wearing sunglasses. Prevention is a lot better than cure. So, keep your sunglasses on when doing some activities outside.