Wearing sunglasses is one of the fashion accents that is must have for both women and men because it does not only make you look even more attractive, but also it protects the eyes from bright light coming from the sun or ultraviolet radiation.

With famous celebrities and movie personalities sporting their favorite sunglasses, it has become a need to have a pair. There are a wide variety of brands in the market which are providing different shades such as Aviator, Oversized, Shutter Shades, Wayfarer, and Wrap-around.

To name a few of the top favorite sunglasses for summer with its great styles, design, and best quality:

1.    OAKLEY

Foothill Ranch, California-based, Oakley does not only consider the needs of their clientele, which mostly are sportsmen, they also designed sunglasses that are appealing of its design. They offer a versatile collection in the market.

2.    RAY BAN

The household name of all the eye wear and shades, Ray Ban. The most recognized for their Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses, while presenting a huge range of specification with respect to design, material, lenses, and style, making it the most favored and dependable eye wear and shades in the world. Because of its durability and great quality, Ray Ban is no doubt the preferred brand.

3.     MAUI JIM

Illinois-based merchandise, Maui Jim, has an oceanic and Hawaiian theme mainly because of their Hawaiian background. Maui Jim started with specializing in eye wear and then branching greatly deeply in shades basically used at the beach. Because of its amazing making and high-quality, Maui Jim made its way to being one of the most preferred shades in the world. It offers a vast range of sunglasses offering distinct traits and designs together with shades and lenses variant contrary to other manufacturers importing such products.

4.    FENDI

This Italian multinational luxurious trend manufacturer, Fendi, presents sunglasses which is undoubted with grace and style, that obviously astound and mesmerize everyone’s attention. Fendi has well-positioned itself with their collection of designer sunglasses, which give the experience of luxury and excessive profile living standards with its state-of-the-art style.

5.    GUCCI

Headquartered in Florence, Italy, Gucci is the one world’s most valuable and largest fashion manufacturer that sets the trend. Gucci has numerous product lines, and sun shades are the world’s most loved eye wear. Because of its innovative and revolutionary design, every man and woman in the fashion industry are all praise to Gucci, granting their wishes not only of the design but also it is comfortable and for its durability.