A sunglasses that sports both youth and vitality, the wayfarer is one the most favorited by many around the world. Without compromising the fashion just like President John F. Kennedy, or iconic like Tom Cruise, these glasses have never failed to emulate the best in you. Although, it has been around for over a couple of decades, but it never failed to impress even the younger generation these days.

In 1952, the first wayfarer sunglasses were designed by Raymond Stegeman for Ray Ban. It has become the most famous sunglasses ever since. Wayfarer has been worn by people in any status, and lifestyle - from being a politician, celebrities, entrepreneur, or an employee. Whether you are running late for a meeting or just chilling at the beach, with classic, natural style, with clean and curved frames are flexible and simply cool.

Below are the four top wayfarer sunglasses:

Ray Ban

It comes in different colors and shades. Now, Ray Ban offers two different sizes: 52mm and 55mm. Although, the latter is preferable by most women. There are two options that you can choose from, polarized or not - but 100 percent UV protected. It never failed to capture the old classic look, but still look trendy and classy.

Oakley Frogskins

Oakley offers quite a lot of variations for their Frogskins wayfarer sunglasses. It is non-polarized, but has 100 percent UV protection coating. Both the frame and lens are plastic - durable and very lightweight. It sports with Oakley’s patented technology, High Definition Optics (HDO), for optimum vision, and impact resistance.


It only comes in two different colors, black frames with black or gray lenses. Versace, just by the name, it offers fashion at its finest. The lenses are polarized, and frames are made of acetate, that are hypoallergenic and very flexible. Need a prescription? These sunglasses are prescription ready.


These Italian made sunglasses have never failed its wearer to look chic and classy at the same time. The logo is printed both on the lens and at the temple. It sports with 56 mm lens, and 100 percent UV protection. Whether you are on your way to an early morning meeting or sipping your favorite cold drink at the beach, Gucci is there for you.

No matter what the weather and season, sunglasses have become one of the essentials of our everyday life. Wayfarer has been always the on-the-go sunglasses. It does not only make you look like an important person, but it greatly protects your eyes from the bright light of the sun. The top wayfarer sunglasses listed above offer the best style and quality.