Heads up! How do you like to have a pair of sunglasses that is customized and designed by your very own self? How cool is that? Designing something even your own bedroom can be very challenging that one would probably think to hire someone with expertise with all those designing tools and technicalities. That would also mean, shelling out some extra bucks.

Hold on! Oakley is giving everyone a chance to design their own sunglasses even without an experience. Yes, that’s right. It is just at the tip of your fingertips. Simply follow the steps (probably, skip - you are the master). Viola! In less than five minutes, you have your very own, self-designed Oakley sunglasses. To seal the deal, Oakley is even throwing freebies. You hear that one correctly. Free gifts: case, microbag and cleaning kit.

Here are Oakley Custom Lifestyle Sunglasses:

Latch Squared

If you can’t get enough of your wayfarer and it seems like you can do better than buying it at the department store, this is your chance to design your own squared sunglasses. You can choose from seven frame colors. After which, you can proceed what kind of lens, Polarized or Prizm. There are nine colors for Polarized lenses, while just one for Prizm. You may also change the color of the clips. It is where the Oakley logo is engraved. With just $20, you may add a personalized etching in your sunglasses.


It is one of the popular sports sunglasses of Oakley. Perfect for faces with oval or round, these rectangular sunglasses is made of strong plastic with lenses that are made of polycarbonate. You can choose from seven frame colors. There are three kinds of lenses: standard, Polarized, and Prizm. Each kind of lens has a wide selection of colors to choose from. Oakley is throwing in a Microbag of select countries.


Sports sunglasses that also good for everyday use. It has become a favorite for truck drivers, fishermen, motorcyclist and men who enjoy the great outdoor because of its durability, clarity, and comfortability. It has eight frame colors to choose from and three kinds of lenses. Decide which color that suits your personality and boom! You have your own Oakley personalized sunglasses.


It is compact with wide temples. Gascan has wide lens for better vision and clarity. It completely covers your eyes for extra-protection not only from the sun but also from small particles like dust. Nine frame colors are available with two different kinds of lenses (Standard and Polarized) to choose from. You can also change the color of Oakley logo (icon) according to your character.

After you completed your design and completed the purchase, Oakley advised that you have to allow at least 3-5 days prior to shipping because each of the customized sunglasses is specially handmade according to your design. Isn’t it awesome? You must be very excited but hang in there. You will have your Oakley sunglasses very soon.